Business Central 2023 wave 2 (BC23): Include approvals for intercompany general journals in your workflows

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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The public preview for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 release wave 2 (BC23) is available. Learn more: Link.

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Include approvals for intercompany general journals in your workflows:

Business value:
To increase control and reduce errors in intercompany posting, you can include intercompany general journals in an approval workflow. The approval workflow gives someone, like a manager, the opportunity to review intercompany general journals before they’re posted.

Use intercompany documents or journals to post transactions with your intercompany partners. You can post transactions to G/L accounts, and if you’ve set up intercompany bank accounts you can also post bank-to-bank transactions. More details: Work with Intercompany Documents and Journals

With this wave, intercompany general journals are now included in the approval workflow for general journals. Intercompany general journals are a variant of general journals, so when you set up the workflows for general journals they’ll also work for intercompany.

You can set up a new workflow in the Workflows list for the General Journal Batch Approval Workflow or the General Journal Line Approval Workflow.
For example, General Journal Batch Approval Workflow:

And, General Journal Line Approval Workflow:

For more information about Approval Status, please see the post below.
Business Central 2023 wave 2 (BC23): More control over general journal approvals (Approval Status)

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