Dynamics 365 Business Central: Controlling user access to Designer

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
Last week, we discussed how to control access to Page Inspection details. This time I want to continue to discuss how to control user access to Designer.

Designer in Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an easy and convenient way to make immediate changes to your design by dragging and dropping the components on the page.

Designer is currently only available from a Dynamics 365 Business Central Sandbox and On-Premises.
SaaS Production: No Design button.

Every time you start designing, you’re effectively creating a new extension. Your changes are immediately visible to other users.
Yes, Designer is a great feature. But to be honest, I don’t think all developers of Business Central like this feature.

1. Extensions created using Designer are discarded when an environment is upgraded or moved to another node.

2. Designer cannot be used by multiple users at the same time in sandboxes.

3. In the client, users can change many of these settings for their workspace only by using personalization.

Accessing Designer is controlled on a user or user group basis by the D365 EXTENSION MGT permission set. If a user is assigned this permission set, then Designer is available for the user in the client.
So, to prohibit a user from using Designer, just remove the user from the D365 EXTENSION MGT permission set.


Object TypeObject IDObject NameRead PermissionInsert PermissionModify PermissionDelete PermissionExecute PermissionSecurity Filter
Table Data2508Extension Deployment StatusYes 
Table Data2000000152NAV App Data ArchiveYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000153NAV App Installed AppYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000162NAV App CapabilitiesYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000163NAV App Object PrerequisitesYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000169NAV App Tenant Add-InYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000200NAV App Tenant OperationYesYesYesYes 
Table Data2000000206Published ApplicationYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000207Application Object MetadataYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000208Application ResourceYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000209Application DependencyYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 
Table Data2000000212Installed ApplicationYesIndirectIndirectIndirect 

If you don’t have D365 EXTENSION MGT permission set, the following message will be displayed when you choose Design.

Sorry, something went wrong and designer could not be started. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator.

Test Video:

For the On-Premises version, you can easily remove Design button from Business Central.

First, find “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\BC172\navsettings.json” file and open it. (BC172 is instance name)

Then add “Designer”: false to the end.

Finally, restart your Application Server. The Design action will be removed. (Please do not just restart BC instance in Business Central Administration, it will not take effect.)


Hope this will help.

Thanks for your reading.



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