Microsoft has added Business Central platform support for Chinese (Simplified), Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian and Turkish languages in BC17.2

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
Just now, I received a big Christmas present from Mr. Søren Alexandersen. Microsoft once again added Business Central platform support which contains Chinese (Simplified, PRC). We waited for this day for a long time!!!
I immediately develop a simple test language pack for Chinese (Simplified, PRC), the test video is as follows. The page I translated in Chinese (Simplified, PRC) can be searched and displayed.

Information from Mr. Søren Alexandersen.

I checked the Microsoft Docs immediately, and it seems that it has not been updated yet.
Country/regional availability and supported languages

Anyway, let’s sign into Business Central SaaS directly. Now you can find Chinese (Simplified, PRC) on Available Languages page.

The platform has been translated.

For Chinese (Simplified, PRC):
Language ID: 2052



Hope this will help.

Thanks for your reading.



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