History of Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV

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This is a history of the various versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. (Ignore some minor versions and region-specific versions)


Release DateVersionCore Version
April 2024Business Central 2024 release wave 1v24
October 2023Business Central 2023 release wave 2v23
April 2023Business Central 2023 release wave 1v22
October 2022Business Central 2022 release wave 2v21
April 2022Business Central 2022 release wave 1v20
October 2021Business Central 2021 release wave 2v19
April 2021Business Central 2021 release wave 1v18
October 2020Business Central 2020 release wave 2v17
April 2020Business Central 2020 release wave 1v16
October 2019Business Central 2019 release wave 2v15
April 2019Business Central Spring (April) 2019 Releasev14
October 2018Business Central Fall 2018 Releasev13
April 2018Business Central Spring 2018 Release (Codename: Tenerife)v12
December 2017Dynamics NAV 2018v11.0
October 2016Dynamics NAV 2017v10.0
January 2016Dynamics NAV 2016v9.0
December 2014Dynamics NAV 2015v8.0
December 2013Dynamics NAV 2013 R2v7.1
December 2012Dynamics NAV 2013v7.0
March 2011Dynamics NAV 2009 R2v6.2
August 2009Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1v6.1
February 2009Dynamics NAV 2009 (First major rewrite of the Navision product)v6.0
March 2008Dynamics NAV 5.00 SP1v5.1
April 2007Dynamics NAV 5.00v5.0
October 2006Business Solutions NAV 4.00 SP3v4.3
April 2006Business Solutions NAV 4.00 SP2v4.2
November 2005Business Solutions NAV 4.00 SP1v4.1
December 2004Business Solutions NAV 4.00v4.0
August 2003Business Solutions Navision 3.70 (First version under Microsoft)v3.7
2003Navision Attain 3.60v3.6
2002Navision Attain 3.10v3.10
2001Navision Attain 3.01v3.01
2001Navision Solution 3.00v3.00
2000Navision Financials 2.65v2.65
2000Navision Financials 2.60v2.60
1999Navision Financials 2.50v2.50
1998Navision Financials 2.00v2.00
1995Navision Financials 1.00 (Designed for Windows 95)v1.00
1989Navigator v3
1988Navigator v2
1987Navigator (Avista) v1
1984PC Plus (The first version of Dynamics NAV)

Business Central Version:

NAV Version:

Major version screenshots:

Navision Financials 1.00:

Navision Attain 3.60:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 (Role Tailored Client):

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

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