Business Central 2022 wave 2 (BC21) new features: More document lines are searchable (Posted and non-posted document lines)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
The preview environment for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 2 (BC21) is available. Learn more: Link.

I will continue to test and share some new features that I hope will be helpful.

Find posted and non-posted document lines in search:

Business value:

Pages with document lines are often used for specific analysis. Now you can be more productive by finding them through the in-product search field and bookmark links to the documents on your home page for easy access to the original or a filtered view.

In July, we just discussed “Sales Lines”, “Purchase Lines”, “Posted Sales Shipment Lines”, and “Posted Purchase Receipt Lines” are now searchable.

With 2022 wave 2, Microsoft has brought us more searchable line pages.🎉🎊

Let’s see more details.

In the in-product search field (Tell Me), you can search for the following pages, grouped here by document type.

Posted documents:

  • Posted Purchase Invoice Lines (page 529)
  • Posted Purchase Receipt Lines (page 528)
  • Posted Purchase Cr. Memo Lines (page 530)
  • Posted Sales Invoice Lines (page 526)
  • Posted Sales Shipment Lines (page 525)
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo Lines (page 527)

Open documents:

  • Purchase Lines (page 518)
  • Sales Lines (page 516)

And if you have a premium license:

  • Prod. Order Comp. Lines (page 5407)

Awesome update, give it a try!!!😁

1. You can bookmark pages from the search results to add them to your home page. Learn more at Bookmark a Page or Report on Your Role Center.

2. You can also add one or more views with predefined filters and sorting. Learn more at Save and Personalize List Views


Hope this will help.

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