New Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center (2020/09/28)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hello everyone.
Just now, I suddenly found that the Business Central admin center was updated.
Let’s take a brief look at what has changed.

1.The layout of the Admin Center in the upper left corner has changed.


2.The “delete” button has been hidden on the list page.

3.The order of the buttons has changed and “State” has been added to the right of “Details”.

4.Added “Renaming environments”.
MS Docs: Renaming environments in the Business Central admin center

5.”Operations” and “Capacity” has been added.

Environment Operations:
It should be possible to check the history of environment operations. (New, Delete, Rename, Update?)

The capacity is only calculated for the environments running on version 17 (2020 release wave 2) or higher.


Hope this will help.


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