Dynamics 365 Business Central: Can we uninstall Microsoft (First-party) extensions and how to install them back?

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Hi, Readers.
Today I would like to briefly talk about whether we can uninstall Microsoft (First-party) extensions in Business Central and how to install them back?
Why is this problem? Sometimes we see discussions like the following in SNS. More details: Link

Yes, when you create a new environment, including the W1 version, it will include the Shopify Connector extension. This is a first-party extension from Microsoft.

So all customers can use this feature. But not all customers need it.

Below are all the extensions pre-installed in Version: US Business Central 23.4 (Platform 23.0.16223.0 + Application 23.4.15643.15715) – (51 extensions)

AMC Banking 365 FundamentalsMicrosoft
API – Cross Environment IntercompanyMicrosoft
API Reports – FinanceMicrosoft
Audit File ExportMicrosoft
Bank Account Reconciliation With AIMicrosoft
Base ApplicationMicrosoft
Business Central Cloud Migration – Previous ReleaseMicrosoft
Business Central Cloud Migration – Previous Release (US)Microsoft
Business Central Cloud Migration APIMicrosoft
Business Central Intelligent CloudMicrosoft
Ceridian PayrollMicrosoft
Company HubMicrosoft
Contoso Coffee Demo DatasetMicrosoft
Contoso Coffee Demo Dataset (US)Microsoft
Data ArchiveMicrosoft
Data SearchMicrosoft
DIOT – Localization for MexicoMicrosoft
Dynamics GP Historical DataMicrosoft
Dynamics GP Intelligent CloudMicrosoft
Dynamics GP Intelligent Cloud – USMicrosoft
E-Document CoreMicrosoft
E-Documents Connector with External EndpointsMicrosoft
Email – Current User ConnectorMicrosoft
Email – Microsoft 365 ConnectorMicrosoft
Email – Outlook REST APIMicrosoft
Email – SMTP APIMicrosoft
Email – SMTP ConnectorMicrosoft
Enforced Digital VouchersMicrosoft
Envestnet Yodlee Bank FeedsMicrosoft
Error Messages with RecommendationsMicrosoft
Essential Business HeadlinesMicrosoft
Image AnalyzerMicrosoft
Import of QuickBooks Payroll FilesMicrosoft
Intelligent Cloud BaseMicrosoft
IRS 1096Microsoft
Late Payment PredictionMicrosoft
Migration of QuickBooks DataMicrosoft
Payment Links to PayPalMicrosoft
Payment PracticesMicrosoft
Recommended AppsMicrosoft
Review General Ledger EntriesMicrosoft
Sales and Inventory ForecastMicrosoft
Send remittance advice by emailMicrosoft
Send To Email PrinterMicrosoft
Shopify ConnectorMicrosoft
Simplified Bank Statement ImportMicrosoft
Statistical AccountsMicrosoft
System ApplicationMicrosoft
Troubleshoot FA Ledger EntriesMicrosoft
Universal Print IntegrationMicrosoft

PS: In addition to the above extensions, it also contains some hidden extensions.
More details: How to list all installed extensions/apps in your Business Central environment (Including hidden apps – “_Exclude……”)

So can we uninstall extensions we don’t need? Yes, this is mentioned in the Microsoft learn (Docs) below.
Uninstall extensions that you don’t use:

Any extensions that you install can affect the overall system performance. So if you’ve installed an app from AppSource, but later discover it’s not needed, then uninstall it. The same advice applies to the extension that comes preinstalled in an environment. For example, uninstall all migration extensions after you’ve migrated data, or if you don’t intend to migrate data.


We can uninstall it just like we uninstalled PTE. More details: Uninstall an extension by using the client
In Dynamics 365 Business Central, use search to open the Extension Management page.

In the Extension Management window, you can view the extensions that are installed on the tenant

Choose an extension,for example, Shopify Connector, and choose the Uninstall action.

If you want to delete data in tables owned by the extension, turn on the Delete Extension Data switch. (This action does the same as the -ClearSchema parameter with the Uninstall-NavApp cmldet. This action can’t be undone)

PS: If you still need to install it back, you can save the App ID first. (Shopify Connector: ec255f57-31d0-4ca2-b751-f2fa7c745abb)

After clicking Uninstall, the extension will be uninstalled, and since this is AppSource Extension (Global Scope), it will also be automatically unpublished.

Next question, how to install it back? There are two situations here.

1. Extensions that can be found in AppSource, such as Shopify Connector, Company Hub, etc.

In this case, open AppSource (Extension Marketplace)

Search for the extension name, click Get it now, and you can install it successfully.

For exmaple,

2. Extensions that cannot be found in AppSource, such as SAF-T, Audit File Export, etc.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to save the App ID when uninstalling.
SAF-T: 4ce93371-6bd6-4027-a78f-021064ad250e

We have to use the direct URL to install it. In address bar, append following to the base business central URL.

?aid=FIN&page=2503&filter=%27ID%27%20IS%20%27<App ID>%27&signInRedirected=1

Then replace part with the AppSource Extension’s App Id. For example,


Test video: Uninstall Shopify Connector -> Uninstall SAF-T -> Install Shopify Connector (AppSource) -> Install SAF-T (direct URL)

Extensions in the first situation can also be installed in this way. More details: How to install AppSource Extension in Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

And if you need to view the App IDs of all Extensions, please check the articles below.

If you don’t need any add-on features, you only need the following three standard extensions. Give it a try!!!😁

NamePublisherVersionPublished As
ApplicationMicrosoftv. 23.4.15643.15806Global
Base ApplicationMicrosoftv. 23.4.15643.16362Global
System ApplicationMicrosoftv. 23.4.15643.15884Global


Hope this will help.

Thanks for reading.



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