Power Platform and Azure Logic Apps connector for Business Central online has moved out of preview and is now general availability

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
Today I would like to share an exciting news about Business Central.

On Friday, Microsoft announced that the Power Platform and Azure Logic Apps connector for Business Central online has moved out of preview and is now general availability.🎉🎊👏

In fact, this update first mentioned in the Business Central 2022 wave 1 Release Plan.
Improvements to the Power Automate and Power Apps connector

Business value:

Being able to use Business Central and Power Platform with great confidence is essential these days. Users are empowered to enhance and integrate Business Central using no-code/low-code tools such as Power Automate or Power Apps.

Feature details:

In this release wave, we add new capabilities to the Power Automate and Power Apps connector, so you can start using Business Central with Power Automate and Power Apps with greater confidence. The following list shows the specific enhancements to the connector:

・Support for finding data, filtering, and sorting
・Support for adding related records (data from both header and lines of documents)
・Improved reliability
Removal of the Preview label


The related Microsoft documentation has also removed Preview.
Business Central Connector Actions:

PS: The update was expected to be released within April, but was postponed to May. It took the connectors team a bit longer to roll out this change.

Until I tested the new “For a selected record (V3)” trigger last week, the system still left the “Preview” in place.

Now when I open it again, it has been automatically updated.

All previously created Power Apps or Power Automate flows automagically receive this update – no need to touch existing solutions.

Let’s look at some more examples.
Power Automate:

Azure Logic Apps connector:

Very cool! Give it a try!!!😁

Info from Microsoft:

This change is of course complemented by the “Automate” feature we have released with v20.1 so you all can confidently create and use flows in Business Central.

You will also see more developments in this space soon!


Again, this applies to Business Central online only. Our connector for Business Central on-premises will remain in “preview” status and there are no plans to move it out of “preview”. Most important reason being that we are unable to guarantee required availability for customers’ on-premises infrastructure.


Hope this will help.

Thanks for reading.



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