Dynamics 365 Business Central v19.X+: AL Compiler Diagnostics (Messages includes URLs)

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Today I would like to talk about a simple topic, AL Compiler Diagnostics.
This is a new feature of BC19, but I only found it available on BC19.1 recently.

AL compiler diagnostic messages includes URLs:

Business value:

When you compile or run code analyzers, diagnostic messages can appear in the form of error, warning, or informational messages. To help resolve such diagnostic issues, an option of adding a URL for additional documentation on what is causing the issue, and options for how to resolve the issue, will now be available. Note that this feature adds the ability to include a URL; however, not all diagnostic messages will take advantage of this from the beginning.

Feature details:

Having links in diagnostic messages from compilation or code analyzers will support linking to additional, relevant documentation about the cause of the issue as well as options for how to resolve it.

Some Info from MS:

Let’s see some details.
First, Microsoft gradually added various error, warning, or informational messages to MS Docs.
More details: AL Compiler Diagnostics

And you can see compiler diagnostic messages includes URLs now. If you click the URL, The page will jump to MS Docs to help you solve your problem.

Test Video:

The AL diagnostics topics are in preview. If you have input for this topic, we’d love to hear from you. Use our GitHub repo to create a PR and add content to this topic by going to here. To read about contributing, see Extend, customize, collaborate on the Help. If you’d like to see us prioritize certain areas within the AL diagnostics, you can file a GitHub issue, in the Feedback section at the bottom of this page, choose This page, fill in the template, and include REF PRI in the title. Thanks!


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