Business Central 2021 wave 2 (BC19) new features: Operations log enhancements in Admin Center (who created the environment???)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
Minor update 19.1 for Dynamics 365 Business Central was generally available last week. New customers will all be deployed on 19.1.
Learn more: Cumulative Update Summary for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central(November, 2021)

Today I would like to share an exciting improvement of Business Central Admin Center.
Operations log enhancements:

Business value:

Better traceability of the admin operations.

Feature details:
The Operations log in the Business Central admin center provides an overview of the admin operations in the relevant Business Central online environments, such as restoring, renaming, installing, and uninstalling apps, exporting databases, and moving environments between different Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants.

In this release wave, we’re adding more operation logs to this view. Administrators will be able to see the following new operations:

This release wave adds support for copying the environments within and across different environment types as shown in this list:

・Environment was created
・Environment was deleted
・Environment was copied
・Environment properties were updated

The administrators will also be able to truncate the log to remove old operations that are no longer relevant.

You may have been asked by customers, is there any way to check when the BC environment was created and who created it? Unfortunately, before BC19.1, there was no good way to do this, but it’s changed now. Let’s take a look together.

Choose Operations in Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center.

Microsoft has added more operation logs to this view.

You can click Status to see more details of the operation.

For example:



Great improvement, give it a try!!!

PS: Log of administrative operations

The Operations section of Business Central administration center provides a log of operations that internal administrators and delegated administrators from the partner have made in the Business Central administration center or through the admin center API. Use this log to see which operations were created and when. You can also access detailed error messages in this log, should any operation fail.

Currently, the log includes the following operations:

TypeDescriptionAdmin centerAPIExtension Management Page
Copy environmentAn environment was created from a copy of another environment.See…See…
Create environmentA new environment was createdSee…See…
Delete environmentAn environment was deleted.See…See…
Rename environmentEnvironment was renamed.See…See…
Move environmentAn environment was moved to another Azure Active Directory organization.See…
Environment app hotfixA hotfix was applied to the app by using the App Management API.See…
Environment app installApp was installed by using the tenant’s Extension Management page or the API install endpoint.See…See…
Environment app uninstallApp was uninstalled by using the tenant’s Extension Management page or the API uninstall endpoint.See…See…
Environment app updateApp was updated either by the Admin Center or API update endpoint.See…See…


Hope this will help.

Thanks for reading.



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