Dynamics 365 Business Central will be available in India (BC17)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hello Everyone.
As usual, I checked the new information of Business Central this morning and found a good News for Indian Customers/Partners.
Microsoft has released a preview version of Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2 (BC17) for India in docker.
I checked the Microsoft Docs immediately, and it seems that it has not been updated yet. The last updated region is Vietnam.
Country/regional availability and supported languages

Then I log into the Business Central Admin Center, because last week Microsoft released the Preview version of BC17.
I found IN country, but the version list is empty and I cannot create it. Maybe it is still in preparation.

So let’s go back to Docker and create an IN Region container.

$mylicense = "C:\ProgramData\BcContainerHelper\Extensions\BC17jp2\my\license.flf"
$oldimagename = Get-BCArtifactUrl -storageAccount bcpublicpreview -country in -select Latest -type Sandbox
$oldcontainer = "BC17INPreview"
if ($credential -eq $null -or $credential -eq [System.Management.Automation.PSCredential]::Empty) {     
  $credential = get-credential -UserName $env:USERNAME `
                           -Message "Please enter your Windows credentials." 
New-BcContainer -accept_eula `
                  -containerName $oldcontainer `
                  -auth UserPassword `
                  -credential $credential `
                  -alwaysPull `
                  -includeal `
                  -licensefile $mylicense `
                  -artifactUrl $oldimagename `
                  -updateHosts `
                  -vsixFile (Get-LatestAlLanguageExtensionUrl)`

Pull Start
“Downloading application artifact /sandbox/17.0.16297.0/in”


Login successful.

Version: IN Business Central 17.0 (Platform 17.0.16246.0 + Application 17.0.16297.0)

Saurav Dhyani – #MSDynNAV & #MSDyn365bc: MSDYN365BC
Good News for Indian Customers/Partners.

Hope this will help.


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