Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to manage saved settings for Reports (Used options and filters)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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This time, we will discuss how to manage saved settings for reports (Used options and filters). This is a very interesting feature, but little known.
When running reports, users are typically presented with a page that lets them select options and set filters to change the data that is included in the generated report. This page is called the request page in Business Central.

If you set SaveValues = True in Request Page of Report Object.

After the report is printed, Use default values from field will be shown. (Clicking Preview seems to have no effect, you need to click Print)

Business Central automatically saves the last used options and filters.

Actually, a report can include one or more saved settings that users can apply to the report from the request page.

You can choose the lookup in the Use default values from field on Request Page, and then choose the Select from full list action.

Select – Report Settings page will be opened.

Or, enter Report Settings in tell me, and then choose the related link.

The Report Settings page will be opened.

So what can we do on this page.
From the Report Settings page, you can:
1. Choose the New action to create a new saved settings entry from scratch.

In addition to specifying the Name and Report ID, You can also specifies the Company Name and whether the report settings are available to all users or only the user assigned to the settings.

Set the options and filters you want to save, then choose OK.

The New Report Setting will be saved.

You can now select it when printing the report.

2. Select a saved settings entry from the list, and choose the Copy action to create a copy.

Unable to copy twice.

3. Select a saved settings entry from the list, and choose the Edit action to modify a saved settings entry.

4. Select a saved settings entry from the list, choose the Delete action to delete a saved settings entry

Saved settings are basically predefined options and filters. Using saved settings is a fast and reliable way to consistently generate reports that contain the correct data.

The Saved Settings feature is available only on reports where the SaveValues property of the report’s request page is set to Yes. The SaveValues property is set in the development environment.


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