Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises upgrade scenario (All Supported Upgrade Paths)

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Business Central on-premises is available in several release versions. You can upgrade an existing Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution to any of these releases. Depending on your solution’s current version, it might not be possible to upgrade directly to a particular release. You might have to upgrade indirectly through an intermediate release, before upgrading to the target release. In this post, I’m going to briefly summarize all supported upgrade paths of Business Central On-Premises. Hope this helps.

If you’re coming from version 13 or earlier, Business Central Spring 2019 (v14) is a required step to upgrade to the latest version of Business Central.

All version 14 updates are compatible for upgrade with Business Central 2024 release wave 1 (version 24) and later release waves.

Starting in 2025 release wave 1 (v26), the direct upgrade from Business Central 2019 (v14) to the latest release will no longer be supported. The supported upgrade path will be through 2024 release wave 2 (v25).

VersionUpgrade pathDetails
Spring 2019 (version 14)
2019 Release Wave 2 (version 15)
2020 release wave 1 (version 16)
2020 release wave 2 (version 17)
2021 release wave 1 (version 18)
2021 release wave 2 (version 19)
2022 release wave 1 (version 20)
2022 release wave 2 (version 21)
2023 release wave 1 (version 22)
2023 release wave 2 (version 13)
Direct to latest version (version 24)-> latest version (version 24)
NAV 2015
NAV 2016
NAV 2017
NAV 2018
October 2018 (version 23)
Indirect. Upgrade to v14 first-> v14 -> latest version (version 24)
NAV 2013
NAV 2013 R2
Indirect. Upgrade to NAV 2018 first->  NAV 2018 -> v14 -> latest version (version 24)
NAV 2009 SP1
NAV 2009 R2
Indirect. Upgrade to NAV 2013 or NAV 2015 first-> NAV 2013 -> NAV 2018 -> v14 -> latest version (version 24)
-> NAV 2015 -> v14 -> latest version (version 24)
NAV 5.0
NAV 4.0
Indirect. Upgrade to NAV 2013 first-> NAV 2013 -> NAV 2018 -> v14 -> latest version (version 24)

All Direct Supported Upgrade Paths:

VersionNAV 2013NAV 2015NAV 2018Version 13Version 14Version 15Version 16Version 17Version 18Version 19Version 20Version 21Version 22Version 23Version 24
Version 24
Version 23Direct
Version 22DirectDirect
Version 21DirectDirectDirect
Version 20DirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 19DirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 18DirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 17DirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 16DirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 15DirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 14DirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Version 13Direct
NAV 2018Direct
NAV 2017Direct
NAV 2016Direct
NAV 2015Direct
NAV 2013 R2Direct
NAV 2013Direct
NAV 2009 R2DirectDirect
NAV 2009 SP1DirectDirect
NAV 5.0Direct
NAV 4.0Direct

This time I mainly summarized the major versions. If you want to see the minor versions, it is recommended to check MS Learn (Docs) directly. More details: Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade compatibility matrix

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4. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises Spring 2019 (v.14)

5. Supported Upgrade Paths to Dynamics 365 Business Central Releases


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