Dynamics 365 Business Central: New Partner Sandbox Environments

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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In DIRECTIONS EMEA 2021 Milan Italy last year, Microsoft brought us the announcement of Business Central Partner Sandbox.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox” – Partners can purchase users at a lower price point ($6/user, minimum 5 users) for use as demo environments, development, and validation.

Recently Partner Sandbox Environments released for Business Central. In this post, I will share some information, hope it helps.

Partner sandboxes:

As a partner, you can buy the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox license. You’ll need a valid Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID. You must also have at least five employees who will use the partner sandboxes that you create using this license. This offer was made available in February 2022 to support partners that need non-production environments to learn, test, and deliver end-to-end customer demos with their solutions.

Partners can purchase the unique, partner-only license via Web Direct to create flexible, cost-effective solutions that do not expire. Accessing the SKUs and pricing is simple: Go to experience.dynamics.com and submit a request for the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox license. Use a valid MPN ID. Once your request is approved, you receive a token to purchase the SKUs directly. Pay by credit card. If the total billing is over $500/month for your company, then you can pay by invoice.


The environments that you acquire through the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox license are strictly meant for use only on the partner’s tenant. You are not allowed to use this license in a customer tenant, nor in a production environment.


In conclusion:

1. User Experience (License Type): Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium, it includes Essential functionality + Manufacturing and Service Management

2. Environment: 1 production + 3 sandboxes

3. Cost: It costs $6 per month/user min 5 users. So at least $30 per month, but includes 5 users. (If you buy a normal BC premium license, it costs $500 per month)

4. Storage: The Partner Sandbox license does not increase capacity per user. A Partner Sandbox environment has default 80 GB capacity.

5. Domain: For any domain you are a global admin for.

6. Partner Sandbox License Request: Use this link to view the SKUs and submit a request.


Hope this will help.

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