Feature Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hello everyone.
This time I want to talk about Feature Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
As far as I know, this feature has been released in BC16. But I haven’t seen any record in this page once in last six months.
For example: Version: W1 16.5 (Platform 16.0.15884.15941 + Application 16.5.15897.16082)

And just today, the BC17 SaaS Preview is available on SaaS.
The Preview for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 release wave 2 (BC17) is available in SaaS Sandbox now.

I immediately went to confirm it. Yes, I can view the records.
Version: W1 17.0 (Platform 17.0.16246.0 + Application 17.0.16297.0)

Now you can manage the new features, and the new features are automatically enabled from BC18 or BC19.
Let’s look at the description of Feature Management page in Business Central.

Managing change
Some new features are turned off when Dynamics 365 Business Central is updated to a newer version. These features are optional for a period of time until they are automatically enabled for all users in a later software update.
You can prepare in advance by enabling these features for all users on the right environment at the right time that suits your schedule.

MS Docs:
Enabling Upcoming Features Ahead of Time
There is a flow chart, very simple and easy to understand.

So you can choose the “Enabled for” field to disable or enable the new features on this page.

In summary, the features that can be managed in Feature Management page are for next major version.
BC17 -> BC18
BC18 -> BC19

I hope this will be of some help.


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