Business Central 2023 wave 2 (BC23): Use Power Automate connector V3 actions instead of V2 (V2 actions will be deprecated)

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Recently we have discussed a lot of ways to integrate Power Automate and Business Central. This is really a very convenient tool. It gives low-code, citizen-developer users one more option. Non-developers can also add some functions to BC.

PS: Power Automate is a service that helps you create automated workflows (or flows) between apps and services, like Business Central. With Business Central, you’re given a license to Microsoft Power Automate. This license lets you use your Business Central data as part of a workflow in Microsoft Power Automate. You create flows and connect to your data from internal and external sources through the Business Central connector.

Today I would like to share some information about Power Automate connector, Power Automate connector V2 actions will be deprecated, please use Power Automate connector V3 actions instead of V2.
Actually, I shared this information on SNS last year. More details: Link

V2 actions:

The source of the information is

Microsoft recently announced that the change is rolling out to different regions now. More info on Viva Engage (formerly Yammer)
PS: You may still see the V2 actions if you are in a one of the last deployment regions (for instance USA).

Microsoft also updated the 2023 wave 2 release plan.
Use Power Automate connector V3 actions instead of V2

Business value:
Customers and users benefit from using the latest Power Platform components. This applies also to Power Automate actions in the Business Central online connector. We expect customers and partners to stop using the old actions in the coming months and only use the current V3 actions.

Feature details:
The Power Automate connector for Business Central online offers access to old V2 actions, but these actions will be fully deprecated in the future (timing is to be determined, but likely in 2025). For now, V2 actions are hidden from view when creating flows. Please migrate to V3 actions. If you’re using V2 actions, this change affects your existing flows when you’re editing them but not when they run. The actions still execute, they are just hidden.


  • This change is in the connector—independent of the version of Business Central online being used.
  • This change applies to Business Central online only.

PS: You can find more details about Dynamics 365 Business Central Connector reference in MS Learn (Docs)


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