Dynamics 365 Business Central: Upgrades (Minor update and Major update) will error if Cloud Migration is enabled

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I recently saw some discussions in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Forum that minor update and major update both failed because of the same problem, Cloud Migration is enabled.

(+) Business Central 365 V18.5 failing to upgrade to V19.0 – Dynamics 365 Business Central Forum Community Forum

(+) Your Business Central failed to update V.19.2 2022 – Dynamics 365 Business Central Forum Community Forum

In fact, this was mentioned in MS webinar last year, What’s New in Cloud Migration.

And in MS Docs.
Run the Cloud Migration Tool:

Managing the Migration to the Cloud:

Just in time Minor update 19.3 is available, in this post, I will try to test if it will really fail, and what notifications will I receive after a failed upgrade.
PS: For the settings of Cloud Migration, I will not go into details, you can refer to the following post.
How to migrate On-Premises Data to Cloud (SaaS)

Setting completed.

Next let’s schedule the update.

Notification Email:

After running the update, you will receive the following email. Unfortunately, there is no indication in the email what caused the upgrade to fail, nor is there another email with a details of the error.

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment could not be updated on the scheduled date.

Your Business Central was not updated

Business Central was not updated on your scheduled date and time. We apologize and have rescheduled your update for seven days from now. You will receive another notification with the rescheduled date and time. If the scheduled date or time is inconvenient for your business, you can easily reschedule the update.

In conclusion, if you set up cloud migration for an environment, the environment cannot be upgraded. If you want to upgrade the environment, you must disable cloud migration in Cloud Migration Management page.

Update information from Dmitry Chadayev (MSFT):

Update information from What’s new or changed of BC19.4:

Avoid an unexpected data upgrade during cloud migration
When you run cloud migration from a previous version of Business Central, one of the process steps is to run the data upgrade logic to align the migrated data to the format of the current version. We strongly recommend that you perform this step one time after you have completed the migration of all your customer’s data to the online environment. If a planned Business Central major or minor update is applied to this environment, the update will automatically include the upgrade of the data that was migrated by the cloud migration. These planned updates also turn off cloud migration for the environment. To avoid this situation, and to allow you to complete the migration and data upgrade for your environment, we recommend that you postpone any scheduled major and minor updates for the target environment until you have completed cloud migration. You can postpone updates in the Business Central admin center. For more information, see Managing Updates.


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