Dynamics 365 Business Central: Deleting Expired Sales Quotes

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Today I would like to discuss how to delete expired sales quotes in Business Central.

As you may know, in Business Central, you can create a sales quote to record your offer to a customer to sell certain products on certain delivery and payment terms.

While you negotiate with the customer, you can change and resend the sales quote as much as needed. When the customer accepts the quote, you convert the sales quote to a sales invoice or a sales order in which you process the sale.

But if the customer does not accept the quote, and wants to cancel the transaction, how to deal with this quote?
Yes, you can delete it directly. However, it is possible that the response period is not fixed for each customer and you may forget it. When hundreds of quotes are left in the system, it will be very troublesome to clean them manually.

In fact, there is a very good solution in the standard feature.
Open a sales quote, click Show more in General on the Sales Quote page.

Then you can see a field called Quote Valid To Date. Yes, you can use this field to manage the expiration date of the sales quote.

Quote Valid To Date
Specifies how long the quote is valid.

For example:
Quote Valid To Date: 03/07/2021

Back to Sales Quotes page, Choose Action -> Quotes -> Delete Expired Quotes.

Enter Valid to date on Delete Expired Sales Quotes report. Then choose OK.

Choose Yes.

All quotes with Quote Valid To Date less than 03/09/21 will be deleted. Do you want to continue?

The sales quotes has been deleted.

To facilitate the automatic entry of Quote Valid To Date, there is a setting in the Sales & Receivables Setup.

Quote Validity Calculation
Specifies a formula that determines how to calculate the quote expiration date based on the document date.

For example:
CM+1M+CM: The sales quotes created this month expires at the end of next month.

Test video:


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