Dynamics 365 Business Central: What is the default unit of measure of Height, Width, Length, and Weight

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Today I saw an interesting question on the Business Central forum, what is the default unit of measure of Height, Width, Length, and Weight in Business Central? More details: Business Central forum | Unit of mesure of net weight.

In the HeightWidthLength, and Weight fields on Item Units of Measure page, we can specify precise information about the size of one unit of measure so that the Business Central can calculate how many of each item unit can be placed in any given bin. The Cubage field is calculated automatically based on HeightWidth, and Length.

Tooltips for some standard fields:

Specifies the height of one item unit when measured in the unit of measure in the Code field.

Specifies the length of one item unit when measured in the specified unit of measure.

And, in Item Card, there are also Net Weight, Gross Weight, and Unit Volume fields.
Tooltips for some standard fields:

Net Weight
Specifies the net weight of the item.

Gross Weight
Specifies the gross weight of the item.

As you may have noticed, there is no mention of what their default units are. So what units should be used?
In fact, there is no clear mandatory rule for this, it can be based on your company or country’s commonly used units. But one thing to note is that it must be consistent. Here is some info from Microsoft.
To set up multiple item units of measure:

If any of these fields contain a value other than 0, then that measure is used during all processes that involve placing items in a bin: put-away, movements, receipts, shipments, picks, and adjustments. Business Central checks the sum of each physical measure of the items being put away and the items already in the bin against the maximum size or other measure that can fit into a bin, according to the bin capacity policy on the location card for this item. In other words, you must use the same unit measure for each dimension across all item units of measure – use kilograms or pounds for weight, for example, but be consistent.


A very simple point, but few people may have noticed it, I hope this post can give you some new hints.


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