Discover more Great Microsoft events (Empower your growth with Microsoft events)


Hi, Readers.
Hope you have been enjoying all the news from Microsoft Build over the last couple of days.

Today I’d like to discuss a topic outside of Business Central😀, how to discover more Great Microsoft events.

Microsoft prepares us a very good website.

Empower your growth with Microsoft events: Extend your expertise, learn from experts, and build community with thousands of specialized events for developers, IT professionals, students, educators, business leaders, and partners like you.

We can see Must-see global experiences first.

Discover events for your role.
IT Professionals:

Business professionals:


Next up is my favorite feature.
Click Browse catalog:

We can find all recent Microsoft events.

We can also filter events by product, role, language, and more.

Just click Registration and details to join the event.

Great site, go find the event you want to attend now.😁

1. If the event is full and registration is closed, please find a future event that works for you.

2. About other free training provided by Microsoft:

Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge: The Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge is a fun, free and interactive skilling program that provides you with access to Microsoft skilling resources for your specific solution area! Gain access to Microsoft learn paths, virtual training days and a virtual leaderboard to compete with peers in the industry.

Microsoft Learn: Learn new skills and discover the power of Microsoft products with step-by-step guidance. Start your journey today by exploring our learning paths and modules.

Microsoft Virtual Training Day: As the workplace evolves, Microsoft is dedicated to providing the tools to empower you and your organization to achieve great things, along with the technical training you need to make it happen from anywhere. Microsoft Virtual Training Days are free, in-depth, virtual training events that guide you toward the many possibilities for career and organizational impact today and tomorrow.


Hope this will help.

Thanks for reading.



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