Dynamics 365 Business Central: Where to file bugs ,issues and Questions

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Each customer of Business Central has a partner who assists with technical support. And the partners are the first line of support. Today I would like to summarize where to where to file bugs ,issues and Questions for Business Central as a partner.

First, Microsoft has prepared five channels for partners. (To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this)

Technical Support Overview for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Docs

Issue typeSite
Submit support request on behalf of your Business Central online customersStart at the Business Central administration center where you can easily submit a support request in the Power Platform admin center
Report bug in a preview or beta versionThe MS Collaborate site
Collaboration on the AL language and developer experienceThe AL Developer Preview GitHub repo
As an ISV, report an issue in production code, such as a problem with Microsoft’s application, upgrade, or telemetryThe Partner Center – choose the Support section, start a partner request, search for Business Central, and then choose the relevant category for Product Support > Business Central Development and submit your support request.
Report bug in supported in-market versions of Business Central on-premisesThe Support for business site

Let’s see some details:

1. Submit support request from Business Central admin center

To start the process of submitting a new support request from the Business Central administration center:

Sometimes the tenant has run into a problem that the partner cannot resolve. In those cases, the delegated admin can use the Business Central administration center to submit a support request to Microsoft.

Open the environment details page in Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center, you can see the Support button

Choose New Support Request. This opens a new browser tab so that you can submit the support request in the Power Platform Admin Center.

Alternatively, you can use customer-specific URLs such as https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/account/login/[customer tenant ID].

The internal administrator cannot contact Microsoft directly. If you are an internal admin and suspect that something is wrong with your Business Central, you must contact your partner for next steps.

Report customer outages:

When a customer has a situation where no users can sign in to Business Central, you must take immediate action. Outages are frustrating but rare.

Internal and delegated administrators can report this outage to Microsoft by using the Report Production Outage action for the relevant production environment in the Business Central administration center. This action creates a support ticket for Microsoft with all the information that is needed to begin steps to resolve the issue.

This option is not available in sandbox environments.

2. Report bug in a preview or beta version in Microsoft Collaborate.

Microsoft Collaborate: The Microsoft Collaborate portal provides tools and services to streamline engineering collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem by enabling the sharing of engineering system work items (bugs, feature requests, etc.) and the distribution of content (builds, documents, specs).

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How to register:

How to submit new feedback:

3. Collaboration on the AL language and developer experience

The AL Developer Preview GitHub repo

You can submit new issue here.

4. Report bug in Partner Center

To start the process of submitting a new support request from the Partner Center: You can also start the process from the Partner Center, where you can choose the customer you want to open a case on, and then follow the support request work flow.

More details: Submit a service request for a customer

5. Report bug in supported in-market versions of Business Central on-premises

The Support for business site: This site is mainly for Business Central On-Premise customers. If it is Online (SaaS), Microsoft still recommends submitting Support from Partner Center.

Other official Microsoft channels:

6. Dynamics 365 Business Central Development Yammer: This is a great place for Partner and Microsoft employees to share and discuss together.

7. Dynamics 365 Business Central Community: Get help from experts and peers in forums, discover blogs, webinars, videos, events, and more.

Other unofficial channels:

8. Mibuso Forum: mibuso.com provides a platform for users and developers of products from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family to exchange ideas, tools, routines, and to find business partners and products

9. Dynamics User Group: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV user group for users, professionals and partners. Help or get help in the forums. Browse our blogs or learn from many other sections with useful resources.

10. You can also submit your questions on Twitter, or other SNS.


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