Data audit system fields are added to every table in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2

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Hello Everyone.
The preview version of Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2 (BC17) has been updated in the past two days, so this time I want to share another new feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2.
Data audit system fields are added to every table

Business value:
This gives developers an easy and performant way to program against historical data, such as writing AL queries that return changed data since some specified point in time.

Feature details:
Four new system fields are added to all tables:

This is a very useful feature for internal and external audit. Although it can be done with the Change Log feature before, as everyone knows, the Change Log feature will reduce performance and increase the database capacity. Therefore, in the NAV era that Microsoft did not provide this feature, I believe all partners have manually added this function if customers need.

OK, let’s log in to Business Central to check it.
Test Environment Version: W1 17.0 (Platform 17.0.16417.0 + Application 17.0.16297.0)

For Example: Customer (18)
The fields has been successfully added to the table(?).

Just in case, I confirmed the system table (Field 2000000041), and they has been added.

No.FieldNameTypeLenClassEnabledType NameField CaptionRelationTableNo
2000000001SystemCreatedAtDateTime8NormalYesDateTimeCreated At0
2000000002SystemCreatedByGUID16NormalYesGUIDCreated By2000000120
2000000003SystemModifiedAtDateTime8NormalYesDateTimeModified At0
2000000004SystemModifiedByGUID16NormalYesGUIDModified By2000000120

But as Microsoft said “The platform will populate the content of the fields when a record is created and modified. It isn’t possible for a developer to control the values that are saved to the database.” This feature is stored in the Platform. I cannot confirm these four fields in the standard source code.

And I cannot make any changes to them in the development environment.

If I try to create a new customer page or report etc. they cannot be added.
New Page:

New Report:

As of the writing of this article, these four fields cannot be displayed by Design and Personalize.

In summary, we can only directly open the table to confirm Data audit system fields now.
Maybe these four fields are added to better coupling with CDS. For users who only use Business Central, it does not seem to be very useful.
Hope the release version will be improved next month.


Data audit system fields are added to every table in Dynamics 365 Business Central – Update


Hope this will help.


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