All session desks (Slides) from Business Central Launch Event 2022 Release wave 2 (BC21)

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Hi, Readers.
Are you enjoying the Business Central Launch Event 2022 release wave 2 now😀? After October 12th, on we can get access to 18 on-demand sessions.

There is a lot of interesting information in here and there are many details that are not mentioned in the Release Plan.

All sessions will be available on-demand until January 2023.

In this post, I would like to share that all session desks (Slides) from Business Central Launch Event 2022 Release wave 2 (BC21) are already available for download in Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Portal.

For users who do not have permission to access Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Portal , I also uploaded a copy here, hoping to help you.

Application and user experience

What’s New in Financial Management

What’s new in operations

What’s new – Enhancements to Dataverse and Dynamics 365 Sales

Introducing Modern Action Bar

What’s new in the Business Central Web client


Onboarding customers to your apps

Server and Platform

What’s new in Server and Database

Get Data Driven With Telemetry

Administration and Development

What’s new in Administration

What’s new – Universal Code Initiative

Productive with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform

What’s new in Business Central integration with Power Platform

What’s new – Keeping productive with Microsoft 365

PS: I will check regularly for updates.😀


Hope this will help.




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