How to delete Incoming Document Records from Posted Documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi, Readers.
Today I would like to talk about a simple topic, how to delete Incoming Document Records from Posted Documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
I see this question in the Dynamics 365 Community from time to time, so I wanted to briefly discuss it.

As you might, you can register files or paper copies received from your trading partners in Business Central and create a document record. For example, a purchase or sales invoice, credit memo or a journal line.
Upload the received files—or use the device’s camera to take a photo—and create entries to represent the external documents. Optionally, with PDF or image files, you can have an external optical character recognition (OCR) service generate electronic documents that can then be converted to records inside Business Central.
For example, when you receive an invoice in PDF format from your vendor, you can send it to the OCR service from the Incoming Documents page.

Note: The OCR feature is provided by external providers. Choose a service package that is appropriate for your organization and/or country/region. Find services compatible with Business Central and details on available features at

More details: Incoming documents

Of course, Incoming Document can also be used as an attachment management feature. For example, we have discussed How to automatically upload files from OneDrive to Business Central with Power Automate (No customization) before.
Let’s look at a simple example.
Choose Incoming Document -> Create Incoming Document from File… on the sales order page

Select a file to upload.

The action to create an incoming document from file has completed.

Then you can choose Incoming Document -> View Incoming Document to open the Incoming Document.

The difference from the Attachments function is that it can add other files besides the main Incoming Document.

For example, in addition to the main attachment, I added three attachments.

These documents will be displayed in the Incoming Document Files Factbox.

Of course these documents will also be transferred to the Posted Documents.

There is a small problem here. When you want to delete some files, you will find that the Delete Line is grayed out.

And the files cannot be found in Incoming Documents either.

So, how to delete them? This is not difficult.
You can choose Incoming Document -> View Incoming Document on the Posted Document.

Alternatively, choose Incoming Document on the Incoming Document FilesFactbox.

Then if you want to delete the sub-attachments, you can delete them in Supporting Attachments group.

But if you want to delete the main attachment, please note that it cannot be deleted directly.

Posted must be equal to ‘No’ in Incoming Document: Entry No.=4. Current value is ‘Yes’.

You need to remove reference to the record first. Choose Remove Reference to recrod on the Incoming Document page.

The file will then appear in Incoming Documents.

Then it can be deleted from this page.

After deleting, you can create a new Incoming Document in Posted Documents.

Very simple, give it a try!!!😁


Hope this will help.

Thanks for reading.



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